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In relationship to Product Design, we are able to provide communications and content management from web design, product organization, video editing and marketing tools. 

In our wide array of services, part of our commitment is to help you organize and share your products.

Services we offer

Content Management
Using spreadsheets, presentations, and other tools we can help you keep and organize records of your products and information.

Website Design
If you would like to share your products online to sell or just as a portfolio, Duo + 2 can help take your line of items digital. We have limited product photography and Photoshop services as an accompaniment to building a website.

Video Editing
As part of our toolkit, we can also create videos sharing your products or your company information. Duo + 2 can take your existing content or create new content to help drive people to your products and brand.

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Note: We have great relationships with domestic and international manufacturers if you need help connecting with new manufacturing sources.

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