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CAD Design and Prototyping

Whether you have an existing line of products that needs to be rejuvenated or you have new ideas to take your business to the next level, Duo + 2 can sit down with you and lay out a plan to take your products from the concept stage to preparing them for manufacturing hand-off.

Stages of development can include:

3D Computer Modeling
With computer design tools we can develop 3D models to share progress and discuss changes as we go through the design process with you.

Rapid Prototyping
As your product's design takes shape, we can work on proof-of-concept prototyping. Using our large format 3D printer and other tools we can work through real-world issues as we continue the development process. 

Manufacturing Handoff
Once you approve the product's design form and function, we can work with your manufacturer to hand over all necessary files and findings. 

3D printer 2.jpg

Note: We have great relationships with domestic and international manufacturers if you need help connecting with new manufacturing sources.

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