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Design Management

We have a team of designers and illustrators available for various projects.

Our team of experienced product designers and illustrators can come together to create a line of products to suit your needs.

Areas of focus

Trend Research and Study
With designers located throughout the U. S., we can work as a team to study current and upcoming trends throughout the country and internationally. We can put together comprehensive trend studies and guides.

Style Guides
Our team can work with you to take trend studies and pair them with your ideas to create style guides to fit your product offerings.

3D Structures and Craft Kits
Whether using your style guides or using style guides we develop for you, our team can design unique, on-trend 3D building kits and craft kits. 

STEAM and Maker Kits
As part of the growing trend in educational and DIY maker space crafting, Duo + 2 is on the cutting edge of creating kits to support these types of prepackaged kits. We have a database of ideas that continues to grow. These kits can be exclusively branded to fit your company and market.

Character Concepts poster.jpg
frog house EVA cutout.jpg

Note: We have great relationships with domestic and international manufacturers if you need help connecting with new manufacturing sources.

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